Strategic Support to avoid distribution mistakes.
  • allocation of investor assets heavily weighted to not only performance but managing avoidable drawdowns, operational and reputational risk
  • performance attracts but lack of an edge, weak infrastructure (potential investor reputational risk) or existing inefficiencies make for lost investor opportunities
What we do
  • Analysis, legal and strategic marketing experience to help you attract and win assets,
  • Deep expertise with marketing counter-parties, placement agents across negotiations, processes and controls,
  • Deep experience and expertise developing a pitch book or fact card across investor expectations, disclosures,  teams, people and the fund manager enterprise. 3
  • Expertise across legal, regulatory and marketing do’s and don’ts during the investor solicitation process,
  • SEC, securities law, regulatory law, processes and controls, investor expectations across fund manager advertisement, marketing material, performance reporting, presentations and web site offerings for SEC  registered or exempt advisers,
  • Prepare reports or advise on presentation and marketing to investors and due diligence readiness (RFPs).
Strategic marketing and business benefit of doing it right the first time
  • optimize management fees by doing more with less to increase your competitive advantage
  • increase investor’s perception of value in management
  • mitigate losses and create alpha by proactively discovering potential risks
  • maximize return opportunities by closing gaps or reducing the inefficiencies that drag on returns
Why Us
  • To better compete for assets, we take a “hands on” approach to get to know how your business ticks typically not found with law firms or specialized consultancies
  • We increase the likely-hood of investor asset gathering success with pragmatic solutions to meet the demands of both regulators and today’s sophisticated investors.1
  • Unlike firms with predictable commoditized solutions – AFC professionals work closely with client executives to unlock value and make change happen
  • We offer the value of sharing what works from two decades of deep industry insight, relationships, resources and working with numerous strategies not otherwise available to one client organization
  • Expand the universe of target investors and distribution channels or improve the likely-hood of marketing success
1.   Notwithstanding capital to ever-larger fund management firms, new managers with excellent pedigree or expertise in market niches can find fundraising success with many allocators by projecting viable  operations with stable team of in-house or outsourced investment professionals. 
2.   There is an enhanced appetite by institutions to develop relationships with newer smaller managers to mitigate growing concern larger managers deploying vast sums of capital may be unable to maximize performance.  3.  Red flags: top reasons an investor will veto an investment, unwillingness to provide adequate transparency, inadequate or inappropriate policies and procedures, poor separation of duties, inadequate personnel or lack or relevant experience in critical roles, inappropriate valuation policies and procedures.