Gary Mair is a Partner of Alternative Fund, Consulting LLC.  Gary has substantial private fund, trading adviser and alternative asset management experience and represents private fund start-ups, emerging to well-established alternative asset manager organizations (onshore-offshore).  From idea generation, governing-partner structures, regulatory, operational framework, build-out, business matters, securities law, regulations, niche and complex asset manager C-suite business experience. Over his career, Gary has served as the managing attorney at a cutting-edge New York City law firm, General Counsel to BNP Paribas where he was responsible for the fund formation team, offering idea generation, execution and supervision of numerous niche to complex investor offering structures (onshore and offshore) and related advisers operational, legal and marketing matters.  Chief U.S. Counsel at Nikko Asset Management where he was highly involved with investor offering idea generation, execution and supervision of numerous fund of funds niche and complex offering structures (onshore and offshore), sub-advisors, SMAs, multiple trading advisers and the operational, legal and marketing matters associated with same. Gary was also a founding Partner, General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer to Anchor Risk Advisors, L.P., a U.S. reinsurance alternative asset manager firm (hedge and private equity) to institutional investors ultimately sold to XL Re, a global reinsurance firm.

Combining high end private fund law firm practice with substantial in-house private fund legal and business experience, Gary is uniquely positioned to advise private funds, trading advisers and their teams (hedge or equity funds) over all aspects of private fund and trading advisers’ lifecycles. Gary has represented or worked for asset managers in a diverse range of asset classes and offering structures. Trusted advisor to pioneer portfolio managers and experienced decision makers across start-ups, emerging to alternative asset managers working with niche to well-known organizations such as: BNP Paribas, Nikko Asset Management, Guggenheim AM, PAAMCO, AON Plc; including, a trusted advisor collaborating on specialty private fund projects with boutique and well- known law firms across area of expertise.

Gary is an active member of the New York Bar Association, former Board Member, Pace University and New York State Securities Regulation Commitee.  Gary holds a B.A. and Master’s Degree from Pace University and a J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law. See Gary Mair’s website bio [] and [] page.