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Avoid investor concern over reputational risk with scalable fixed fee CCO, COO or GC C-level dedicated outsourced support tailored to your business, teams and people.

Why Us

  • Team with deep expertise across fund manager strategies, investor offering structures, corporate governance, securities law, “Best Practices” compliance, operations , business strategy, framework,  marketing solicitation process to facilitate economies of scale alternative to overcome today’s business challenges.
  • Top tier (in the trenches) executive level support across the interconnected framework of building, managing and projecting safety of assets at every phase of an investment advisor’s life-cycle.
  • AFC professionals with two decades of multi-faceted alternative asset manager experiences and expertise.
  • Scalable C-level Co-Sourcing during time of need to mitigate investor reputational risk and counter-party inefficiencies to lower costs that drag on returns.
  • Expand target investor base with added value of co-sourced hedge fund or private equity fund support from c-level experienced asset manager executives across the General Counsel, Chief Operating Officer or Chief Compliance Officer skill set.1
  • Counter-party expertise, deep knowledge and relationships. 
  • Each AFC professional has two decades of combined in-house and external advisory experience from working within or advising on an executive level at cutting edge securities law firms, emerging hedge funds or complex global institutional alternative asset management organizations (domestic and global). 
  • Tailored, cost efficient expertise and solutions from partners not junior associates to help fund managers’ ultimately outperform peers.
  • Share knowledge acquired from relationships and resources not otherwise available to a client organization.
  • Our deep “real world” skill sets enables us to respond with think out of the box solutions to meet the need of target investors across high net worth, family offices, fund of funds and spectrum of complex institutions.

What we do

We offer implementation of framework, diagnostic review or existing framework or outsourced support of same across start-up, emerging or well established hedge funds, private equity or venture capital organizations to  provide the transparency and trust to investors which can create a competitive edge over peers across marketing, investor perception of value in management; mitigate enterprise wide risk, increase operational alpha and the likelihood of success in winning and maintaining assets.

  • Boutique firm with sole focus and expertise across the interconnected skill sets of executing, managing and augmenting an asset management, hedge or private equity fund organization.
  • Across the entire forest not just the trees, partners (not junior associates) offer viable executive level strategic, relationship and execution gap support at a high level across the General Counsel, Chief Operation Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer function(s).
  • Complex “real world” experience under one firm means cross function, cost-efficient and proactive advisory support to increase the likely-hood of success.
  • Two decades of industry relationships, and resources not readily accessible to a client organization across high net worth, family offices, fund of funds and the spectrum of complex institutional investors.

General Counsel (Asset Manager) Focused Skill Set Support: 

  • Bespoke GC co-source or outsource for registered or exempt investment or commodity advisers, hedge or private equity funds
  • Quarterback or liaison with outside counsel, counter-parties during set-up or ongoing operations to curb both cash burn and client time management
  • Legal, securities law and regulatory matters
  • Fund offering structures onshore-offshore
  • Corporate law; governing agreements
  • Managed account structures
  • Investment Adviser or CTA formation, administration and related regulatory and business matters
  • Federal and state securities law fund offering matters
  • Best practices counter-party selection, negotiations, set-up
  • Best practices advertisement and solicitation management
  • Side letter, seed arrangements, revenue share and seed investor
  • Partnership structures and ownership

Chief Compliance Officer Asset Manager Support 

  • Bespoke CCO co-source or outsource support for registered or exempt investment or commodity advisers, hedge or private equity funds
  • Implement or augment benchmark to best practices compliance framework
  • Implement benchmark to best practices compliance manual, policies and procedures, processes and controls
  • Enterprise wide or focused diagnostic review,  analysis, recommendations and implementation for SEC or investor due diligence readiness
  • Collaborative administration and support with your team across SEC readiness, investor readiness, marketing, asset gathering and trading  

Chief Operating Officer Asset Manager Support 

  • Offer bespoke COO co-source or outsource for registered or exempt investment or commodity advisers, hedge or private equity funds
  • Implement benchmark to best practices operational framework, policies, procedures, policies and controls
  • Enterprise wide or focused diagnostic review, analysis, recommendations or implementation to cure gap analysisof enterprise risk, trading relationships across counter-parties, fund administrator, brokers, prime or mini prime brokers
  • Reduce operational costs to create alpha
  • Counter-party set-up expertise, risk management, select best fit and cost-effective to firm strategy, AUM across prime (mini prime) brokers, custodians, administrators, auditors, etc. 

Benefit of an optimal business operation for both exempt and registered investment firms

  • Augment productivity and cost-efficiency;
  • Proficient business operations;
  • Cost effective planning;
  • Be ready for institutional investors or the SEC inspection;
  • Curb compliance, legal, trading and counter-party risk; and
  • Avoid during the investor due diligence process reputational risk or rejection by peer selection.

Enterprise level analysis, execution or support

  • Guidance on the operation and management of a fund business to mitigate operational cost and risk;
  • Execution or analysis of best practices or benchmark processes and controls for effectiveness;
  • Customized manual or automated key areas of processes and controls such as trading, regulatory or risk management;
  • Advise start-up, emerging  well established registered and exempt funds on best practices; and
  • Build or improve to create a robust operational, compliance, trading and regulatory infrastructure.


  • Analysis of existing counter-parties and service providers relative to existing and future infrastructure such as fund administrators, accountants, custodians, prime brokers, law firms, to name a few;
  • Reduce and curb enterprise trading-safety of assets risk;
  • Take advantage of established relationships in selecting counter-parties and advantageous negotiation of fees through our established network; and
  • Increase operational efficiencies, reduce fixed costs and gap risk.

Strategic Business Support across  

  • Business Marketing strategy –  help identify target investors and ideal offering structures
  • Strategic advice or support – do’s and don’ts to both communicate and raise assets
  • Marketing guidance on solicitation and establishing pre-existing relationships
  • Investor material guidance and review across pitch book, fact card, etc.
  • Advise on preparation of a robust AIMA or benchmark due diligence questionnaire tailored to firm to proactively manage potential due diligence red flags
  • Marketing processes & controls covering investor solicitation prior and post sale
  • Negotiating and entering into agreements with third-party marketers
  • Periodic review, marketing, legal, operational and compliance gap analysis of above

1. Outsourcing non investment key functions is common for the hedge fund industry generally, but even more so for emerging managers as they grow their business.  See also, SEC -Acceptance and Growing Trend Toward Outsourcing  CCO and why it is not enough to simply have check the box support ,2015.

2. Red flags: top reasons an investor will veto an investment, unwillingness to provide adequate transparency, inadequate or inappropriate compliance  policies and procedures, poor separation of duties, inadequate personnel or lack or relevant experience in critical roles.

3. The majority of studies show the higher failure for [newer Firms] compared to established Firms is often due to business mistakes rather than investment issues.