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Real world expertise across the spectrum of fund manager organizations to help alternative investing managers overcome today’s business challenges.

Deep asset management focused (executive level) GC, COO, CCO corporate-securities law, business strategy, infrastructure, fund formation, operations, compliance from start-up, growth or institutional best practices across  front-middle and back office expertise, teams, people, trading framework and counter-parties.

Securities, Investment Advisers, Investment Company, Exchange Act, FINRA, CFTC, fund manager expertise on corporate-securities matters, agreements, trade-firm operations, enterprise risk management, due diligence, governance, trade processes, investor – marketing and solicitation and distribution across high net worth, family office and institutional investors.

  • Boutique to offer top tier (in the trenches) c-level advisory legal and business matter support across the interconnected functions of executing, growing and protecting an asset management organization at every phase of its life-cycle.
  • Our “hands on” approach means we get to know a firm on a micro and macro level typically not found with most law firms or specialized consultancies.
  • We may increase the likely-hood of success with scalable, pragmatic and viable solutions to match the scrutiny of regulators and today’s sophisticated investors.
  • Our partners’ complementary and deep expertise across business strategy, fund structures, enterprise risk, diagnostic firm review, operations, infrastructure, regulatory – compliance, securities law, finance, and marketing strategy-solicitation framework offers an economies of scale alternative to help tackle today’s multi-faceted business challenges.