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Alternative Fund Manager Experience & Expertise 

  • Each AFC “partner level” advisor has two decades of sophisticated expertise from both working within or advising cutting edge securities law firms, spectrum of funds and well known alternative asset management organizations.1
  • We offer two decades of “real world” industry insight, relationships, and resources not otherwise available to a client organization.
  • Our advisors real world experience and expertise facilitates: (i) expansion of client target investor base; (ii) separation of client from the pack; (iii) more informed legal and strategic business decisions (iv) desired change happen; (v) increased focus on portfolio management; and (iv) the likely-hood of asset gathering success.1
  • Expertise under one firm across the fund manager organization means added value of cost-effective, big picture “investor” solutions to overcome today’s business challenges.
  • Bespoke expertise and nimble solutions to problems from partners not junior associates to  outperform peers across high net worth, family offices, fund of funds and the spectrum of complex institutional investors.

Notable Area of Expertise. Deep asset management executive level GC, COO, CCO corporate-securities law, business strategy, infrastructure, fund formation, operations, compliance across inception, growth or institutional level best practices front-middle and back office expertise across teams, people, trade framework and counter-parties. Securities, Investment Advisers, Investment Company, Exchange Act, FINRA, CFTC, fund manager expertise on corporate-securities matters, agreements, trade-firm operations, enterprise risk management, and diagnostic analysis, due diligence, governance, trade processes, investor – marketing relations, solicitation process, marketing execution and distribution across high net worth, family office and institutional investors.