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Whether its fund or firm product strategy, execution or on going advisory support for an area of stress  today’s fund manager seeks a more viable option to succeed (on an enterprise wide level) on a highly pragmatic and scalable basis.  Our Clients gain added value of deep industry expertise advising numerous fund managers to curb the pitfalls and increase the likely-hood of business success.  Through the maze of business and investor marketing complexities, we help to curb costly legal and business mistakes. Clients may gain strategic value of projecting to target investor, a firm complemented by our professional support to gain a competitive advantage.

Select client examples.

Starting a Venture Capital, Hedge Fund or Private Equity Fund

  • We are working with a pioneer “hedge fund” portfolio manager formerly of such firms a AQR Capital and Magnetar Capital.
  • We are working with a private equity firm using one of the recently enacted Delaware “umbrella” segregated series structures to enable a manager to offer multiple fund offerings strategies to US investors under o single offering structure. 
  • We are working with an well established offshore manager entering into multiple sub-advisory and manager of manager structures with multiple U.S. managers offering niche insurance linked offering. 
  • We have worked with one of the first insurance linked hedge funds offered in the U.S. to QIBs and non QIB investors.  
  • We are a trusted advisor to leading law firms entering into the alternative asset management space.

Selective stand Alone to master-feeder U.S. and offshore, venture capital, private equity, hedge fund, SEC registered or exempt examples from well established to start-ups through all stages of life-cycles and need.

AON Consulting, Ltd.
Fund of Funds
For global investment consultancy firm, worked with AON COO across analysis and recommendation in connection with execution of private equity fund of funds structure and coordination with global law firm, in house people and teams across the GC, CCO, CFO, CRO, CIO skills sets, counter-parties and portfolio team to facilitate best practices infrastructure to support project execution to launch $250Ml AUM offshore fund of funds and its investment in several private equity funds.

Guggenheim Asset Management, for one of its strategies worked with Guggenheim portfolio team and counsel to onboard manager across fund offering, sub-advisory relationship, due diligence, and operations for offshore manager of managers.

ICAV (Irish Collective Umbrella Vehicle), AIFM, Manager of Managers structure, engaged by CEO to provide outsourced General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer support in connection with quarterbacking of execution across front-middle and back office as well as fund formation, execution and build of pioneer manager of managers platform across counter-parties, law firms, infrastructure, manager selection, due diligence and on-boarding of U.S. and non U.S. managers and anchor managers such as Guggenheim AM.

  Azarias Capital, long-short equity strategy, for idea generation to launch and asset acquisition for start-up equity manager across pre-launch strategy, fund and firm execution, best practices  infrastructure and scalable support across legal, COO, CFO and CCO functions to add value and cost efficiency to facilitate successful investments across high net worth investors, wealth management firm and family offices.

Benetine Technologies, Onshore-Offshore long-short equity fund (Cayman Islands master-feeder) strategy,  founded by a team from well known U.S. institution Alliance Bernstein, created governing structure for principals, infrastructure, fund products and provide as needed c-level support to facilitate asset gathering of offshore assets.

Anchor Risk Advisors, Catastrophic bond and reinsurance, (master-feeder) managed account, Swap strategy, executed (onshore-offshore) Cayman Islands fund offering framework and implemented front, middle to back office infrastructure to facilitate seed relationships, investor due diligence readiness, and ultimate investments by well known institutional investors across pooled investment funds, managed accounts and sub-advisors.  Collaborated with re-insurance portfolio pioneer to facilitate pragmatic growth to tackle the toughest business challenges and win institutional assets.

Emerging Fund Managers Across Firm Augmentation, Regulatory Framework, Setting up a Hedge Fund, Starting a Private Equity Fund

     Argent Financial Group, Centaur Financial Group, Caritas, leading multi “private equity” oil and gas and “hedge fund” convertible arbitrage strategies, number of registered investment advisers located in the U.S and affiliates across Connecticut, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and California, engaged by COO to perform enterprise level diagnostic review, gap analysis, recommendation report in connection with U.S. and offshore funds, equity funds, registered investment advisers, operations and compliance framework. Objective to increase efficiencies, create robust best practices infrastructure to materially reduce risk, legacy costs, and augment strategy to attract and win institutional assets from in addition to existing high net worth and family offices base. Collaborated and worked closely with COO to provide co-sourced c-level executive support across the General Counsel and CCO role, work with outside counsel across securities law, SEC regulations, fund offerings, compliance, firm and trading operations to mitigate risk and substantially reduce areas of business stress and cost resulting in the successful execution of business strategy and material reduction in cost of legacy infrastructure.

Edgewood Capital, private equity loan origination strategy, for a well established private equity firm engaged to provide a diagnostic review, compliance gap analysis, recommendations and execute solutions to meet the demands of more sophisticated investors and expand investor target market base, including, dedicated CCO and CFO collaborative support during asset raise.

AJ Sterge Investment Strategies, hedge fund and private equity fund reinsurance strategy,for pioneers in the reinsurance asset management industry engaged by former CEO of subsidiary of BNP Paribas across offering product structures (U.S. and Offshore) and a viable organizational framework to support institutional assets leading to a strategic relationship with Magnetar Capital, a leading Chicago based asset management group.

Domestic and Global Fund Asset Managers

well established multi-strategy, mutual fund and private fund investment advisory firm,  collaborate with teams executive in connection with focused gap analysis across fund offerings, counter-parties and supporting organizational framework. Results materially reduced legacy costs and augment solicitation strategy geared toward high net worth and institutions across hedge fund offerings, managed accounts, strategic marketing, compliance and operational assets.

Nikko Asset Management, across the execution of hedge funds, managed accounts, sub-advisory, UCIT offering structures, recommendations and supported CEO and CIO on the implementation of a global best practices infrastructure across compliance, fundamental business, fund offering, operational, risk management, legal and marketing strategy framework for global fund of funds supervised by several SEC investment and commodity advisers managing 10 billion in AUM. Worked closely with portfolio managers across marketing and business strategy and execution of fund and managed account offerings for global fund of funds business.

Nikko Alternative Asset Management, US offshore & onshore fund of funds alternative multi-fund strategies, including largest fixed income strategy offered in Japan across U.S. and offshore early stage or emerging asset management firms such as a global fixed income fund, c-level advisory support and expertise during asset gathering execution and management of material institutional assets, seed investment and working capital.

Cornerstone Acquisition & Management (private equity), California based private equity oil and gas SEC registered investment adviser with a number of private equity fund offering vehicles. AFC engaged by Parent company for a number of support services across fund offering, marketing, operations, general counsel and compliance support on behalf of COO of parent company to Cornerstone affiliate.