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Fund Formation: Hedge Fund, Private Equity Fund, Investment or Commodity Adviser Whether Start Up to Established across SEC registered, exempt, stand alone funds, offshore master-feeder, fund of funds, umbrella structures, alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs), segregated series, manager of managers, Managed accounts, sub-advisory, to name a few.

Notwithstanding capital to ever-larger fund management firms, new managers with excellent pedigree or expertise in market niches can find fundraising success with many allocators; however, many larger investors decline to commit capital until a fund can raise a threshold level of aggregate commitments, so as to be assured manager can maintain a sufficient fee stream to conduct operations with stable team of investment professionals.  We can close the gap with the interim support and guidance to bridge viable assets under management.

Since no one size fits all, we focus on each individual Client’s short and long term objectives to create a bespoke not cookie cutter fund formation, firm infrastructure and professional offering document portfolio to dovetail with target market investors, portfolio strategy and a client’s short and long term business objectives.

Unlike firms that offer advice that lacks “real world” business sophistication and focus solely on template material, we offer the guidance and support both pre and post execution to facilitate offerings that: (i) respond to the ever changing demand of investors and regulators; (ii) tailor to client’s existing skill set, team and infrastructure; and (iii) project the sophisticated edge across strategy, team and organization necessary to win and maintain investor assets.

Pre-Launch – Start-Up & Infrastructure Framework Expertise

  • Pre- launch start a hedge fund, fund formation and offering documentation.
  • Advisory expertise (set-up, trading structures, counter-parties, implementation and management  in contemplation of post-effective fund offering and marketing strategy.
  • SEC registered or exempt investment or commodity trading adviser set-up, registration or infrastructure development.
  • State and federal fund offering-marketing solicitation management(securities law expertise across blue-sky law, issuer-agent, state and federal exemptions and filings.
  • Best practices, SEC ready or Benchmark Infrastructure expertise across front, middle and back office to support offering.
  • For Service providers we leverage our resources and experience to curb fixed costs and in-house resources across fund administrators, accountants, auditors, IT, custodians, prime brokers, introducing brokers, portfolio trading, risk management.

Why us

  • Deep history working with both new and complex asset managers seeking to start a hedge fund setting up a private equity fund managed account platforms and sub-advisory relationships;
  • Professionals that have executed numerous trading advisory firms either on behalf of partners and executives or as partners and executives;
  • As a boutique firm we understand the importance of cash burn and its management for long term success by offering viable not bells and whistle solutions to problems;
  • Professionals with extensive industry knowledge negotiating with complex investors, platforms, counter-parties, seed investors, sub-advisory relationships, fund of funds, UCITs, ICAVs, etc.;
  • Organizational guidance, execution or support to meet both short and long term objectives of executing nimble products to meet investors demands;
  • Strategically boutique to provide tailored and sustainable support to existing AUM;
  • Our partners broad skill set, real world business experience and relationships facilitate for clients: (i) expansion of target investor base from high net worth, family office to institutional; (ii) separation from peers; and (ii) increase the likely-hood  of long-term business success;1
  • “Real world” business know how and deep functional expertise across the fund manager organization;1
  • Partner level professionals work closely with each client executive (not junior associates) to add value and make change happen; and
  • We roll up our sleeves to increase likely-hood of business success.


Whether its firm reorganization, augmentation or starting a fund for a new  strategy, we offer advisory collaborative support at a high level.  Substantial experience and expertise from industry veterans advising the spectrum of strategies, investors and asset management firms of all shapes and sizes for over two decades. Our Clients gain the business value of their own pedigree and track record complemented by partner level professionals, industry experience and relationships.

For a list of just some of the spectrum of strategies, pioneer portfolio managers and conventional to complex fund offerings from inception through growth we have represented, please click Advisors  –  Selected Hedge & Private Equity Fund Client Examples