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  • Boutique legal and business asset manager focused consultancy firm offering top tier (in the trenches) expertise and support across the interconnected roles and responsibilities of executing, building, managing and protecting an asset management organization at every phase of its life-cycle.
  • To help you better compete for assets, we take a “hands on” approach to get to know how the client manager ticks typically not found with most law firms or specialized consultancies.
  • We help to increase the likely-hood of investor asset gathering success with pragmatic solutions to the problems that meet the increasing demands of both regulators and today’s sophisticated investors.
  • Our partners’ complementary and deep expertise across fund and firm infrastructure, fund offering formation, fund operations, regulatory – compliance, securities law, finance, and marketing strategy-solicitation framework offers an economies of scale alternative to help tackle today’s multi-faceted business challenges.

What We Can Do

  • Firm and Fund Formation or Augmentation, Fund-Firm-Infrastructure Formation or Augmentation, domestic or offshore across stand alone funds, master-feeder funds, AIFMs, UCITS, sub-advisors, managed accounts, SEC registered or exempt;
  • Improve marketing success, AFC can curb the gaps that trigger investor rejection by peer selection;
  • Increase operational alpha, we leverage pragmatic industry know how and deep industry relationships to augment operations and reduce the costs that can drag on returns;
  • Counter-party expertise, deep knowledge and relationships across operational, counter-party set-up, enterprise risk management, legacy cost mitigation;

Why Us

  • Each AFC professional has two decades of combined in-house and external advisory experience from working within or advising on an executive level at cutting edge securities law firms, emerging hedge funds or complex global institutional alternative asset management firms.
  • Our teams complementary skill sets (across fund manager enterprise) means solutions to problems on a highly cost efficient basis;
  • Real world industry knowledge of what works and does not means think out of the box not check the box solutions to add client value;
  • Unlike most law firms or consultancies, breadth of experience, expertise and hands on approach to problems means solutions across the entire forest not just the trees;