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Raising and retaining assets

Pedigree or a strong track record is only part of the solution to guarantee asset raising success.  Perception by today’s sophisticated investor that infrastructure and manager performance directly connected to portfolio risk.  We can help a private fund manager organization project a risk managed firm on a highly viable basis to both investors and regulators.

  • Investor Demand. Once sophisticated investors buy into strategy seek to separate from pack across regulatory, reputational and operational risk before allocating
  • Solution to Problem. We help achieve the look and feel on a highly viable basis across execution, support or outsourcing to take advantage of today’s allocation opportunities
  • Investor Demand.  Seek discipline and process to business across risk of organization and portfolio risk adjusted returns
  • Solution to Problem.  We help close the gap with the as needed skill set across support and experience. 
  • Investor Demand.  C-level gap without the in-house skill set to match title, a key red flag to sophisticated investors
  • Solution to Problem.  We offer key business function gap on an interim basis by a highly skilled and experienced outsourced advisor on a viable basis before, during and after the due diligence process across the GC, CCO or COO skill set
  • Investor Demand.   CIO should have the support to focus on the portfolio risk not day-to-day operational and regulatory risk, a key concern for investors
  • Solution to Problem.  High level C-suite outsourced support across a core C-level function to focus on trading,
  • Investor Demand.  Transparency and trust.
  • Solution to Problem.  Clients project a robust organization with our outsourced support to curb investor red flags.
  • Investor Demand.  Nimble and bespoke investor offering solutions for a target investor-allocation
  • Solution to Problem.  Our deep expertise across the spectrum of fund offerings enables us to quickly respond to investor demands,  conventional or sophisticated