Our added value

  • We help strengthen your position with allocators seeking to minimize risk and generate stable returns.
  • We leverage strategic business relationships to add a competitive advantage.
  • The experience and insight working with the spectrum of investors, fund managers and counter-parties to curb legacy issues, costs and business risk.
  • Our skill set covers the key facets of executing and operating an alternative investing business beyond the scope of most conventional law firms or consultancies focused on the alternative investing industry.

Project to investors a robust organization on a highly viable basis

  • Philosophy – we can add business alpha and edge by augmenting separation of controls,
  • Process – diagnostic review – to close the unknown legal and business gaps, and
  • Performance – independent support/verify process and infrastructure, to lower legacy costs, proactively manage risk that may drag on returns.

Pragmatic and Viable Solutions:

  • Investor Demand. Nimble to offer timely and bespoke fund formation solutions to meet ever changing investor demand.
  • Our Solution. We execute for the spectrum of managers, strategies and investors, robust and professional looking fund formation offering products in line with your supporting infrastructure.
  • Investor Demand. Investors buy into strategy now seek to confirm the firm’s edge, potential business, regulatory or reputational risk.  
  • Our Solution. During the solicitation process we help to build confidence and credibility with potential and existing investors. We work hands on with clients to achieve the look and feel necessary to take advantage of asset gathering opportunities. 
  • Investor Demand. Fund mangers should apply the same discipline and process to business operations it applies to portfolio management. Project your management fees at work, skin in the game and alignment with investors across business and portfolio risk.
  • Our Solution. We offer the as needed skill set, support and experience in area of need across the C-level legal and business functions at a fraction of a full-time fixed cost to project sustainable asset growth to investors.
  • Investor Demand. Better to outsource than without – key c-level gaps  or a title without the skill set – a red flag for sophisticated investors.
  • Our Solution.  We offer certain key person business pedigree to independently support (as needed) an interim business solution gap. 
  • Investor Demand. Investors seek to build relationships and trust through a high level of transparency.
  • Our Solution(s). With our support to close the gap(s), clients project to investor, the confidence in fund management and safety of assets over those peers that fail to close the gap(s).