Project to investors, a robust organization on a highly viable basis:

  • Philosophy – we can add operational alpha by proactively avoiding business and legal pitfalls; 
  • Process – diagnostic review – focused or enterprise wide gap analysis to close the unknown legal and business gaps, and
  • Performance – independent support to proactively manage legal and business risk that may drag on returns.


Pragmatic and viable solutions:

  • Investor Demand. Once a family office or institutional investor buys into a strategy will seek to confirm a trading firm’s edge, potential business, regulatory or reputational risk.  
  • Our Solution. Prior or during the solicitation process, we help to build investor confidence and align with an investor interest to take advantage of asset gathering opportunities. 
  • Investor Demand. Fund managers should apply the same discipline and process to business operations it applies to portfolio management. Project management fees at work, skin in the game, and alignment with investors across business and portfolio risk.
  • Investor Demand. Better to outsource than without – key C-level gaps or a CCO title without the skill set – a red flag for sophisticated investors.
  • Our Solution. We offer the skill set, support and experience across the C-level legal and business functions at a fraction of a full-time fixed cost to project safety of assets in line with asset projections. 
  • Investor Demand. Investors seek to build relationships and trust through a high level of transparency.
  • Our Solution(s). With our years of high level private fund manager legal and business experience clients can project to investors, the confidence in fund management and safety of assets over trading firms that fail to close the high risk gap(s) at a fraction of the cost.